While using these websites, Hjertevis may store certain information via a cookie (“cookie”) on the computer This allows the page to show you information tailored to your needs. This document provides detailed information on the use of cookies and the like technology, cookie management methods and how they are used within our websites.


What is a cookie (cookie)?

A cookie is a small file (containing numbers and letters) stored on the user’s computer the moment you access certain websites. Cookies allow the website to identify the user’s interest in what the user has selected when returning to the site. The cookie itself does not contain or collect information. However, when the server prepares it in combination with a browser, it can help the website deliver a more personalized service to the user – for example, by remembering previous purchases or account details. Cookies are stored in your browser’s memory and each usually contains information such as, for example, cookies. the name of the server from which the cookie was sent, the duration of the cookie and the value (usually a randomly generated unique number).


What cookies do we use and why?

Hjertevis uses cookies to promote its products. Show ads to the user delivers Hjertevis is made possible through cookies which Hjertevis can upload to a web browser users. Hjertevis also uses cookies to measure the traffic and advertising of products / services on the website itself, on Display Networks, as well as through the use of remarketing. By using cookies, third party vendors (including Google), in conjunction with Hjertevis running Hjertevis ads on websites all over the internet. We especially emphasize that you can opt out of Google Analytics for advertising on the Display Network and customize your ads for the Google Display Network.

We use temporary cookies (” Session cookies ”) and permanent cookies (” Persistent cookies ”). Temporary session cookies or cookies are cookies that are removed from computer after closing Internet browser. With them, websites store temporary data, such as items in the shopping cart.

Permanent or permanent cookies are those cookies that remain on your computer after you close your browser. With them, websites store information, such as a name for login and password so you don’t have to login every time you visit certain sites. Permanent cookies can stay on your computer for days, months and years.

First-party cookies are cookies that come from the website you are viewing and may be permanent or temporary. With these cookies, websites can store information which they will reuse the next time they visit that site.


How long Hjertevis keeps my information?

Hjertevis stores all information that users submit through web forms in accordance with applicable legal requirements and ethical standards for storing, reporting and documenting personal information. All information collected is used solely for the purpose of executing inquiries and orders placed on our site. The time period during which the data is stored is set at the time necessary to accomplish the purpose of the data collection.


How can you disable cookies?

If you wish, you can disable cookies on your computer. However, blocking all cookies could have a negative impact on the use of many internet sites pages, and so on Hjertevis page. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your browser. If you want to delete and disable them, you need to update your browser settings (for information on how to delete and disable cookies, see your by selecting the help option).

Please visit the following links for more information on how to manage your cookie settings:

Hjertevis excludes any liability for any loss of service functionality and content quality at Hjertevis user pages in all cases where the user chooses to receive cookies. Also, if you want, you can also opt out of Google Analytics for advertising on the Display Network and customize ads for the Google Display Network.


More on cookies

Social networks can also set cookies on your computer. This happens on websites that allow you to sign in and register with your social network account, and if you share the content of the website on social networks. The specific impact on your privacy will vary from social network to social network and depends on the privacy settings you choose on those networks. You can find out how to manage these cookies on their websites.

Hjertevis will respect the anonymity and privacy of users of its websites. Hjertevis may collects user data such as e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail address if voluntarily provided by the userHjertevis through the Website or other channels of communication.

Hjertevis use the information provided solely for the purpose of better understanding and understanding of the individual needs and requirements of users as well as developing opportunities to provide the highest quality of services to the satisfaction of customers.